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We are committed to passenger comfort.



Since 1997 we have been supplying the PSV Air Conditioning HVAC industry with the best quality of service. Forming partnerships with the worlds leading Air Conditioning companies, we have expert knowledge on almost all HVAC Units and Systems. We began our partnership with one of the leading brands in vehicle air conditioning 'Hispacold' in 2014, becoming the main United Kingdom Representative for Parts, Servicing & Warranty.





To be a reference point at an international level regarding HVAC systems, providing innovative and reliable solutions, giving our clients top satisfaction, and being constantly committed to environment protection.


To be a team made up of motivated and trained people, working safely, generating wealth in our environment through the expansion to new markets, consolidation on current markets and business diversification.




To design, manufacture and sell HVAC systems for passengers’ transports with the aim of ensuring the highest comfort to the final user.


We do this adapting ourselves to the clients' needs, being supported by our belonging to a team and with the highest respect for the environment, suppliers and clients.




We work in team, with companionship inside a participative model.

Our commitment to the client is our highest guarantee of success. We do so being flexible, with vocation of service.

Our working principles look for excellence. Our basis is top quality, product reliability, constant innovation and continuous improvement.

We work safely, generating confidence through maximum clearness and communication.

We do so respecting every person, from Hispacold, from suppliers, from clients. Our commitment to environment is constant on our everyday duties.

We develop our activities with professionalism and honesty, being versatile, based on our wide experience.

We work with effort, involving ourselves in an environment of freedom and responsibility.


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